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Creating cultural and economic opportunities for Twin Cities Asian Americans

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Join us in our mission to cultivate a thriving and inclusive economy. Learn how you can support AEDA through donations, volunteering, or partnering with us to empower the Asian community and promote economic growth.

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About AEDA

Learn about the Asian Economic Development Association (AEDA) and our commitment to promote economic and cultural opprotunities for Asian Minnesotans in the Twin Cities. Discover our mission, values, and the impact of our programs.

Discover AEDA's programs for small business development, asset development, and wealth building.


300+ Entrepreneurs

Over the years, AEDA has supported over 300 Asian Minnesotan entrepreneurs and helped launched or expanded their small businesses.

250k+ Participants

Over 250,000 community members have participated and benefited from AEDA programs. 

$15+ Million

Through our programs, AEDA has leveraged over $15 million in supporting small businesses, artists & creators, and community development. 

15 Years

For 15 years, AEDA has been at the forefront of community building and equitable economic development. We advocate for Twin Cities medium and low income Asian communities. 

Community Resources

Access mentorship programs, networking events, and other valuable resources to connect with fellow entrepreneurs and grow your business.